How To Adjust Tempering Valve On Hot Water?

Did you know that as per stipulations regarding the installation of the hot water system, tempering valves are compulsory now? It is to prevent the risk of accidental burning and scalding. If you are wondering what a tempering valve is, or how to adjust a tempering valve on hot water it is exactly what the name suggests.

It is a temperature-controlled valve that regulates the water temperature by mixing the cold water and the hot water. Moreover, this ensures that you have a considerably low temperature for pleasure without the risk of accidents. However, you must adjust. Do you want to know how to adjust the tempering valve on hot water?

tempering valve on hot water

Tips To Adjust The Tempering Valve on Hot Water

There are several points that you can follow to make the adjustments. Read on to know how to adjust the tempering valve on hot waters. Check out the tips listed below.

  1. Firstly you will have to detach the protective cap to reach the adjustment knob.
  2. Ensure that the temperature of the tank is adjusted to at least 60-degree temperature.
  3. It is vital to remember that taps for testing must always be close to the source of hot water.
  4. Keep in mind that the flow rate of Hot Water must be a minimum of 4L per minute.
  5. The knob of the tempering valve is turned until the 50-degree temperature is attained.

Note: Make sure that the adjustment on the tempering valve is conducted only by professional hot water plumbers. It is inadvisable to attempt it by yourself.

Different Types of Tempering Valves

There is a wide range of tempering valves that you can find in the market. These might have the same purpose, but they have distinct functions. Check out some of the most common tempering valves.

Green Tempering Valves

If you have a gas system like the continuous flow tankless type, the green one is the ideal choice. Keep in mind that the recent models already have a 50-degrees pre-set during the manufacturing process. These models do not need an extra tempering valve.

Black Tempering Valves

In the case of large-capacity systems, the black valves are crucial. However, the lifespan of these valves is not much. You might have to replace them within five years.

Orange Tempering Valves

These types of tempering valves are mainly suitable for solar hot water systems or heat pumps.

Blue Tempering Valves

It is one of the most common types of tempering valves. It is mainly present in electric heaters to regulate a temperature of 65-75 degrees.

If you want to comprehend how to adjust the tempering valve on hot water, you must also know the basics.

Regulations For The Tempering Valve of The Hot Water

There are strict guidelines that dictate the tempering valve of the hot water. According to the Plumbing Code of Australia, you must maintain these two stipulations.

  • The first requirement is that the minimum temperature inside the tank must be 60 degrees. It is to ensure bacterial growth. But, this high temperature can lead to burning in the blink of any eye.
  • As the first requirement is quite impossible, there is a second one. This one states that the temperature of the water must be 45 or 50 degrees. 50-degree is essential for personal hygiene, and 45-degrees is a must for secondary, primary schools, nursing homes, and child centers.

How To Adjust Tempering Valve on Hot Water? Attain Expert Assistance Now!

Problems with the tempering valve on the hot water system can occur anytime. The valve is extremely important and aids in maintaining the temperature of the water. However, trying to fix it yourself is not a good idea. We suggest that you take the aid of a professional to help you with this issue.

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