How To Fix a Leaking Toilet Cistern

3 Simple Steps For How To Fix a Leaking Toilet Cistern

Leaking toilet cistern is a common plumbing issue. However, it can eventually progress and cause flooding in the bathroom. Moreover, the increased water bills lead to constant stress. You must repair it immediately before the damage worsens. Now, there are some DIY methods that you can use to fix it. However, learning how to fix a leaking toilet cistern in Australia will take some time. You might not even succeed on the first try. If you fail, instead of trying anything else, call in the experts. You might cause accidental damages.

How To Fix a Leaking Toilet Cistern

Different Ways You Can Fix a Leaking Toilet Cistern

There are some methods that you can adopt to fix a leaking toilet cistern. If you really want to know how to fix a leaking toilet cistern, then read on to the section below.

Repairing The Flush Handle

Here, you have to reconnect the lift chain with the lift arm. Moreover, you can also adjust the nut, which is situated within the cistern. For this, you will have to rotate it in the counterclockwise direction.

Fixing The Flush Valve

The flush valve is a vital component of the leaky toilet cistern. If you want to fix this, you will have to move the float arm in the downward direction. It will turn off the water. You can also think of making replacements for the ballcock valve. Instead, you can use the float-cup designed valve for improved efficiency.

Replacing The Washer

Another way of fixing a leaking toilet cistern is to replace the washer present within the cistern. For this, you can get the aid of professionals. But, you can also attempt it yourself. Firstly, gather the required tools. You must at least have the new washer along with pliers and a screwdriver. Also, make sure that you know how to use the tools properly before proceeding.

Then, you must shut off the water supply to the toilet. After that, you must remove the lid and flush the toilet. It is to ensure that no water gets entry again. The next step is to loosen the nuts underneath the cistern. If you are having issues with opening it, you can use the pliers. Once you move the outlet valve, you can take out the worn washer.

After that, you must put in the new washer. For taking out the old washer, you will need the assistance of the screwdriver. Now, you can again move the outlet valve to its position. Turn on the water supply and flush. You must see if the problem has been resolved. If it does not, you will most likely need a cistern outlet kit. It is another method that falls under – how to fix a leaking toilet cistern?

These outlet kits are available in the plumbing stores. However, you must take note of the model of the toilet cistern before making the purchase.

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There are various methods that you can employ to repair a leaky toilet cistern. Learning how to fix a leaking toilet cistern in Australia is an excellent idea. It will aid you to handle common plumbing issues in the future. But, sometimes, you might not be able to fix it. In that case, the best move is to get in touch with the experts. They will know what to do without causing any further damage.

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