How to Unclog A Toilet that Won’t Drain?

All You Need To Know About How to Unclog A Toilet?

Are you worried about How To Unclog A Toilet? We Mobile Plumber Sydney’s professional have the best 4 solutions for how to unclog a toilet fast with an easy solution.

A toilet getting clogged can really be quite tedious and embarrassing too. It is therefore vital that you know how you need to react when something like this happens. Of course, you would be tempted to call someone from the plumbing service. But in case if you wish to try unclogging the toilet first that is just not draining then you must try these things as given below.

Follow These Simple 4 Steps To Unclog A Toilet Fast

You must follow these simple steps to know how to unclog a toilet fast with our expert solution. By Following these 4 useful tips you will unclog or Repair Your Toilet lake a professional do in Sydney.

Ways to Unclog The Toilet That Won’t Drain

How to Unclog A Toilet
How to Unclog A Toilet
  1. If you have a plunger at home, this is going to be a blessing for you. So, just hold the plunger straight and move it in up and down motion. Your movement should be able to push the blockage out quickly. When you see that the water level is coming down, you will actually be successful at that moment.
  2. If the toilet bowl has a fairly high amount of water in the bowl then you must try to manually remove the same first with a small cup. Now, add the dishwasher soap or liquid soap to the toilet bowl. Heat some water that has a moderate temperature and pour it into the toilet bowl. Now, let that settle for around 15-20minutes. Now, just flush the toilet. If you are successful then the water level in the toilet bowl will go down.
  3. The method of using baking soda and vinegar to unclog the toilet is also an effective remedy. But for that, you will have to first remove the excess water. Now, add one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar to the toilet bowl. There would be too many bubbles. Now, let all these settle for 30 minutes or so. Now you must press the flush button to figure out if you are successful or not.
  4. There’s one more method where you can use a cloth hanger to unclog the toilet. But since the hanger might scratch the toilet bowl’s surface, you can put some tape or cover on the part that will go inside. Now, all you must do is use up and down motion for the hanger and if needed you can also use the circular motion. If you feel that the hanger is pushing or touching the obstruction then just push hard and see how you will be able to remove the blockage.

In spite of taking the above steps, if you are not able to unclog the toilet then you should get in touch with a reliable and expert Mobile Plumber. Just talk to them about the problems that you are facing and see how they would give you the best solution.

Have Question Or Request Get Help From Mobile Plumber

A clogged toilet that doesn’t drain can be quite a bit of a disgusting situation and since you want to get out of the same quickly, you need to keep your mind open and take all the relevant steps that may be needed. Suppose if you are scared to try the do-it-yourself techniques then simply call for a Mobile Plumber in Sydney. Since they have expert professionals they would get the problem solved very quickly. Always keep the number of a good plumber handy, so that you don’t waste any time.