How To Fix A Faulty Water Heater

It is never fun to have water heater problems. Water heater damages can be very dangerous and serious. That is why they need to be looked upon as soon as possible. Although professionals know better about water heaters and how to fix them, sometimes you would have to step up and take control of small issues. Some of the most common faulty water heater problems that you face on a regular basis can actually be solved by you. So, why waste your money on professional services? Also, you don’t have to feel completely helpless, if the problem gets too severe, we are here with you.

Faulty Water Heater

What are the common water heater problems? No water, no heating, weird noises, etc. whether you have experienced these problems or not is secondary. Primarily you must be prepared to tackle such problems and solve them. Our tips will definitely help you a lot in fixing your water heater problems in the future.

Here are the Tips to Fix a Faulty Water Heater

  • No hot water available- The most common reason for the unavailability of hot water is electricity or power. Make sure your hot water heater has power. Check the circuit if it has tripped, if yes, then turn it off and on again. If not, then you might have blown up the fuse. Reset the circuit breaker or the fuse and make sure your pilot light is on and lit. if the pilot light is not visible or it went out, relight and switch it on again.
  • Less hot water- The hot water that is being available from the water heater is much less than before. Then this can be due to the old age of your water heater. It can also depend on your tank, whether the tank is too small or too big. And if the water shortage occurs suddenly then there might be a problem with your thermostat. Adjust the thermostat of the water heater then wait for a few hours and test the water again. If the level is still the same, check if there is a leak in your water heater. When there is no leak and the thermostat is working well then flush your tank. Sometimes due to hard water, mineral buildup occurs and it gets deposited. Flushing gets rid of this deposit.
  • Too hot water- Yes, this can be a possible problem. It can occur if the thermostat is set too high on the temperature. Whenever the water is too hot just switch down the thermostat to lower the temperature. Now check by releasing the water, if a gush of hot water comes out or you hear boiling sounds in the heater, you must know that lowering the temperature is not turning off your water heater. This can happen due to faulty parts inside the water heater.
  • Rusty water- Dirty or rust coloured water indicates a major water heater issue. However, if the cold water from your tap also shows rust colour then it might not be a water heater issue. However, for the water heater issue, there might probably be corrosion in your tank. Flush away your tank as rust colour can also be caused by sediments that get away from flushing. Turn off the power, connect a garden hose to the bottom of your heater and let it drain outside. Now, shut the inlet valves and drain away from the whole water. After that, switch on the cold water inlet for some time by closing the drain valve. Once it is filled, open the drain valve and let all the water flow away. Repeat this until the rust colour goes away. 
  • Bad smell- Does your hot water smell? The culprit might be some kind of bacteria. Flush the tank if your hot water smells bad. If that does not help, try boiling your water until the bacteria dies. If the water smells like rotten eggs, your anode node might have failed. Turn off the gas valve and let the gas dissipate. Once the gas goes away, turn on the valve and switch on the pilot light. Make sure if the gas doesn’t dissipate, get out of your building and call a gas company.

We are Here to Help You

If your faulty water heater problems are still not fixed, then we are always here to help you. You can feel free to contact us for a local plumber in Sydney at any time of the day. We follow all the safety precautions and fix your heaters on time because emergencies will wait for none.