How To Clear Blocked Drains Outside?

Is there a nasty odor coming from the drains outside? Chances are the drain has become clogged and is in need of a clean-up. Blocked drains, no matter their location, can cause a great deal of frustration. The backlog of contaminated water and the foul smell is enough to take action immediately. If that does not trigger you, the aspect of extensive water damage and high water bill is enough to fix the clogged drains. Are you wondering how to clear blocked drains outside?

Steps to Get Rid of Blocked Drains Outside

There are multiple steps that you can apply to get rid of the blockage in outside drains. Are you ready to learn how to clear blocked drains outside?

Check out the steps listed below.

Diagnose the Problem

The foremost thing that you must do is inspect the clog. For that, you must locate the outdoor drain and remove the drain cover. Once you can see, check if the blockage is on the surface or not. If it is near and you can fix it, you can start following the steps listed below. However, if you feel that you can’t fix the mess, call in the experts immediately!

Gather the Required Tools

Now that you have assessed the damage, you must collect the appropriate devices. The most crucial tool that you will need is the drainage rod. These are long and flexible and help in reaching the deep corners of the external plumbing system.

Moreover, you will also need some protective clothing. That includes waterproof long-sleeve wear-alls and gloves. Furthermore, purchase some protective gear for the eyes and mouth.

Make sure that you have a pressure hose and bucket nearby if needed. It is a vital step in how to clear blocked drains outside.

Remove the Nearby Clogs

Can you observe any clog from the surface? If you can, then try to pull it with your hand. Undoubtedly, the job is dirty, and it’s not something you will like. But, it will actually help you in the clog removal process.

Place the bucket beside the drain and start the gruesome process of digging out as much blockage as you can. Moreover, make sure that you can remove it carefully. Wear gloves and excise caution!

It is an essential step in how to clear blocked drains outside.

Get Rid of the Clog

After you clear out as much blockage as possible, get ready to deal with the clog that remains. For this, you will need the assistance of drainage rods.

Firstly, slide the metal through the narrow openings and then apply some pressure. It is vital that you move the rod as much as possible to break the clogs apart. If the size is small, you will accomplish the tasks quickly. However, if the clog is stubborn, it will take some time.

Push the rods till it becomes easy to make the move. It is crucial that you twist it in the clockwise direction.

Flush Away the Excess Debris

Now that the clog dissolves, you must concentrate on ensuring that it does not happen again anytime soon. For that, you must spend some extra time clearing away the debris found surrounding the drain.

You can use a pressure hose to wash away the debris build-up. With the aid of high pressure, you can dislocate the clog. Keep in mind that the more maintenance that you conduct, the less is your chance of having blockage again.

Clear Blocked Drains Outside Service

Having Issues with Blocked Drains Outside? Attain Professional Help Now!

There are numerous causes that can lead to the formation of a clogged outside drain. Moreover, there are some tips that you can follow to clear the blockage. For that, you must know how to clear blocked drains outside. However, if the clog persists, then you must get in touch with our professional blocked drainage plumbers. They will deal with the situation with the use of advanced plumbing tools.

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