How To Change a Tap Washer 5 Amazing Tips

How To Change a Tap Washer Here is The Quick Tips For You

Are you searching for How To Change a Tap Washer? or Have you ever experienced the frustration of the constant drip sound of leaky taps? It is an absolute nightmare and often results in a hand cramp, regardless of you putting in every ounce of your strength in tightening it. However, you can actually make it worse!

In most cases, the cause of that annoying dripping is the tap washer. It is a small disc-like structure that prevents water from flowing out when you turn off the tap. However, these tap washers are prone to physical damages. Knowing how to change the tap washer is a necessary skill that requires some time and minimal effort. You can also take the help of a Certified Plumber for perfect work.

Follow These 5 Amazing Tips How To Change a Tap Washer?

Here is How to change a tap washer. Changing a tap washer is quite easy. But, it can get really complicated if you are not aware of some facts. Check out these simple tips listed here.

  • Cut Off The Water Supply

Here you need to take the first step for How to change a tap washer. It is the most vital tip that you must keep in mind. Do not try something without ensuring that the water supply is off. If you do not turn the water supply off, then get ready to face the consequence of a flooded kitchen or dining area. You can cut off the isolation valve, or you can just go to the main supply. Also, make sure that you plug the sinkhole before starting the work.

  • Get The Tools Ready

If you are eager to be a skilled plumber, then you must have the perfect toolkit to Repair a Shower or Tap. The most basic items include spanners, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, oils, and some towels. With time, you can add more tools. Furthermore, make sure that you at least know how to use them. It makes no sense if you just want to learn it on the go.

How To Change a Tap Washer
How To Change a Tap Washer With Your Common Plumbing Skills
  • Remove The Tap Handle and Button

In order to change a tap washer, you must first get rid of the tap button. You can use a spanner or a screwdriver to remove the button. The next thing that you need to do is take off the handle of the tap. However, removing the handle will require you to have some knowledge about the tap kinds. Different products have varied types of handles.

  • Uncover The Tap Bonnet

Taking out the tap bonnet can become a little difficult. It is due to the fact that some plumbers use sealants to keep them together. You will need pliers for this. After that, you must work on unscrewing the tap bonnet. For this, a shifter or spanner will be of use. Removing the bonnet will give you a glimpse of the jumper valve.

  • Replace The Tap Washer

This is the most important and obvious step to solve your query for How to change a tap washer. After taking off the jumper valve, you can gain access to the tap washer. To get rid of the faulty washer, you will need the assistance of some pliers or tweezers. Then, you have to replace it with a new one. However, you must make sure that you get the right size.

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