Bathroom Renovation Cost Sydney Explained By Mobile Plumber

Let’s Understand The Bathroom Renovation Cost Sydney

Are you bored of looking at the same old bathroom again and again? In that case, bathroom renovation is an excellent idea. With a brand new bathroom, you can change the aesthetic appearance of your home with ease. Moreover, it adds value to your home and makes it all the more appealing. However, knowing how much the Bathroom Renovation Cost Sydney is vital. That will give you an idea about the budget, and then you can proceed forward. Here, you will get a detailed idea about the various aspects involved in a bathroom renovation in Sydney.

Bathroom Renovation Cost Sydney

Factors That Can Influence the Bathroom Renovation Cost Sydney

There are various parameters that play a significant role in influencing the Bathroom Renovation Cost in Sydney. Take a look at some of them listed here –

Size of the bathroom

The size of the bathroom you want to renovate is an essential criterion in bathroom renovation cost Sydney. The more the area, the higher the cost will be. That is why you need to consider how much you want to renovate, especially if you have a large bathroom.

Quality of the materials

The quality of the materials used to renovate your bathroom is a vital factor. If the quality is top-notch, that will automatically increase the bathroom renovation cost.

Structural changes

If you want to implement some new structural changes, then that will have an impact on the total Bathroom Renovation Cost in Sydney. For instance, new windows, skylights, replastering walls, etc., can increase the cost significantly.

Your budget

The next thing that you need to consider is your budget. After some initial research, you need to set up a realistic budget for bathroom renovation cost Sydney. Crossing it will mean an unnecessary burden for you in the long term.

Cost of labour

Lastly, you also need to consider the labor cost. Different companies charge various price rates. The best solution is to choose the one that offers high quality at a reasonable price rate.

The Average Cost of Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

The average bathroom renovation cost in Australia is $19,553 as per the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

It is vital to note that the amount of Bathroom Renovation costs in Sydney is only average and doesn’t apply in all circumstances. Here, the type of renovation that you want is a significant factor. If you want small changes like installing different lights or changing the bathtub, that will cost less than a full bathroom renovation.

Now, if you want a complete renovation of your bathroom, including cabinet installation, changing tiles, installing new pipes, then you can expect a huge cost.

With a clear understanding of the price, you can make a well-thought decision. In most cases, you will also need to consider payments for designing the new bathroom.

Small Bathroom Renovation Costs in Sydney

For a small Bathroom Renovation Cost Sydney, you can expect anywhere between $7000-$15000. However, this price is also dependent on the condition of your present bathroom and its size. If you are on a limited budget, then you must refrain from opting for any structural changes. Some of the makeovers that you can do within this budget include –

  • Installing new mirrors
  • Replacing the old exhaust fans
  • Placing new taps
  • Installing a new wash basin
  • Replacing the toilet
  • Resurfacing the bathroom tiles
  • Re-coating the bathtub

Standard Bathroom Renovation Costs Sydney

Want to make relevant changes to your bathroom without going bankrupt? In that case, you can expect the cost of the bathroom renovation in Sydney between $15000-$30000. Apart from the bathroom size, the place where you live is also an essential factor. For instance, if you live in the Eastern Suburbs, then you can expect high rates due to increased trading costs in the areas.

If you want to opt for a mid-range bathroom makeover, you will also need to consider some aspects. For example, you cannot replace the plumbing and electrical features. However, there are some things that you change. Take a look –

  • Rubbish removal
  • Installing new vanities and taps
  • Replacing the old basin
  • Installing new toilet
  • Replacing the existing pipes
  • Wall and floor tiling
  • Installing mirrors and shower screen
  • Waterproofing

High-end Bathroom Renovation Costs Sydney

In essence, the luxurious bathroom renovation will cost you more than $30,000. The complete overhaul of the bathroom includes installing new tiles, pipes, repositioning fixtures, and cost of bathroom plumbing repairs. You can also expect the budget to increase to $40,000 or more. The fancier the fittings, the more elegant bathroom you will get.

Some of the things that you can expect from a structural bathroom renovation include –

  • Rubbish removal
  • Levelling of the floor
  • Building walls
  • Installing a hot water system
  • Adding bathtub and shower screen
  • Install plumbing in shower areas
  • Re-tiling floor and putting new wall tiles
  • Waterproofing damp areas
  • Building new windows
  • Putting new skylights
  • Implementing electrical fixtures

How Do Companies Usually Charge for Bathroom Renovations?

Here, it is vital to consider that the price rates for bathroom renovation can vary considerably. It depends on a wide range of factors, including style, fitting type, and the quality of the materials. In most cases, companies do not charge by the hour. In fact, they usually charge a fixed price rate. But, in some cases, if there are small jobs, you can expect an hourly rate that varies from $100 to $150 per hour. We have explained some of the factors that highly influence Bathroom Renovation Cost Sydney.

Costs of individual bathroom items

There are various items that, when put together, enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Take a look at some of them listed here –


The vast amount of tile types available makes it difficult to make a perfect choice. There are various price ranges too. The average price rate for tiles starts from $30 per square meter to $100 per square meter. The higher the quality of the tile, the more will be the price. Moreover, high-end brands charge even more for one square meter tile.

Shower screens

There are various styles of shower screens. These include frameless, semi-framed, and framed. Frameless Shower screens are costlier when compared to framed ones. You will get frameless shower screens above $550, while the framed ones will cost you around $500 and above.


Did you know that there are different types of bathtubs? Depending on that, the price varies considerably. If you want to install a luxurious, gorgeous bathtub in stone finishing, you can expect it to cost more than $3000. In contrast, the fiberglass bathtubs cost much less. These have average spending of around $1300.


The price range of mirrors depends on the size, frame, and style. It can be anywhere between $50-$1000. Budget-conscious people can opt for wall-mounted framed mirrors. These cost between $50 and $200. However, if you are considering light in-built mirrors, then the cost can be between $60 and $300.


Installing new lighting can change the look of the bathroom drastically. You can opt for mood lights or task lights to give warmth to this space. Based on the bathroom needs and your choice, a downlight fixture starts from $9.


Standard bathroom basins start from the price of $150 and go to $500 or even more. In the case of designer basins, you can expect it to cost around $800. However, customized bathroom basins will lead you to spend more than $1000.

Do you Have to Pay for Bathroom Design Too?

When we talk about Bathroom Renovation Cost Sydney, this is one aspect most homeowners tend to overlook. In most cases, you also need to consider the cost of paying for new bathroom designs. If you want a completely new look, then architectural drawings can cost more than $1000. However, basic sketches will definitely cost less.

But, you can also design it yourself. Wondering how to renovate a bathroom yourself? Pin down some ideas and then start the research.

Unexpected costs involving in a bathroom renovation

No matter how carefully you plan the bathroom renovation, you need to consider unexpected costs. That is why it is vital that you have a contingency budget of around 20%. Moreover, this will cover all the unexpected and sudden problems that are prone to arise when working is underway. You never know what problems can suddenly pop up. However, the plumber for bathroom renovation can handle this with ease.

Want to Opt for Bathroom Renovations? Call in the Experts Today!

There are various reasons that can lead you to decide to opt for a bathroom renovation. However, the primary reason is the change in appearance. But, simply wanting to renovate and actually going through this is quite different. For that, detailed knowledge of the bathroom renovation cost is vital. After some much-needed research on Bathroom Renovation Cost Sydney, you need to choose the best bathroom renovation plumber.

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